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Sieves and filter specialists Russell Finex assure and enhance the reputation of companies in almost every process industry throughout the world. We achieve this by manufacturing and supplying sieves and filters to improve your product quality and ensure your powders and liquids are free from contamination.

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest range of sieves and filters on the market. Whether you require sieves for check screening or grading, or in-line filters for enclosed liquid filtration, we tailor our products to provide a solution that will meet and exceed your requirements. In addition, having a global stocking policy ensures you can obtain one of our sieves or filters from anywhere across the world.

"Because Russell Finex expedited delivery of our sieves, we were operational in less than four weeks... this allowed us to meet our customer obligations efficiently and saved us additional cost from project delays." Quintin Richard, Packaging Supervisor of Agrilectric

If your business involves processing liquids or powders, then contact Russell Finex to see how our wide range of sieves and filters can improve the quality of your products, as well as increasing your profitability.​

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